Cure for Heart Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Sugar, Paralysis, Arthritis, BP, Cancer etc.

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Laoshi H.B. Muralidhara started his own journey of Qigong–Taichi in 2004 to address his personal health issue.  He went to his good old martial teacher who taught him Qigong–Taichi. 



Cancerous tumour dissloved 
Health Benefits

While the first and most obvious benefits of Zhineng Qigong are an improvement in physical health and a sense of wellbeing.  Its practice also has powerful effects on the mental faculties. Many of its practitioners not only are cured of their illnesses and attain a much better level of physical health but also develop their mental faculties and can use them to benefit both themselves and others. Some become powerful healers, many are able to better achieve in their chosen field.  It promotes the following areas.

Nervous System
Endocrine System
Digestive System
Circulatory system
Excretory system
Cardiac System
Lymphatic System
Skeletal System

As a result, we feel and experience a sense of drastic improvement in our digestion, hearing and smell, joints, sight, sleep etc.  Besides, pulse and heart rate slows down, energy levels are boosted, creativity sharpens, and overall feel-good factors rule the roost.  A sense of well being is experienced physically, emotionally and spiritually.


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