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Laoshi H.B. Muralidhara started his own journey of Qigong–Taichi in 2004 to address his personal health issue.  He went to his good old martial teacher who taught him Qigong–Taichi. 



Cancerous tumour dissloved 
Intelligence Development For Children

Zhineng Qigong is inspired by Soaring Crane Qigong as practiced in China for centuries.  ZQ has taken the best features from many qigong styles.  It is rated by the Chinese sports bureau as No. 1 medical qigong for its effectiveness for curing and preventing illnesses.

By practicing Zhineng Qigong the cognitive ability of the practitioner is heightened.  Not only can the practice of Qigong build up health in the practitioner, it can also stimulate the emergence of infinite wisdom and power. This is because "being calm and tranquil" is a basic requirement of the practice of Qigong. An "inwardly calm and tranquil state" is the third state, differing from both sleeping and waking states. It is a state in which not only is rest provided, but fatigue is relieved.

More importantly, it is an effective way of optimizing the life processes, and especially of keeping the functioning of the brain in better balance, so that the working efficiency of the brain cells can be greatly improved.

According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, true Qi is the source and impetus for both physical and mental activities. The state of calmness and tranquility experienced during Qigong practice is the best condition in which to increase the internal true Qi and promote its circulation. Plentiful true Qi provides the reliable source material for the cognitive processes; it also renders the cerebral organs sharper and more sensitive.

It is especially ideal for children to use qigong to sharpen minds, enhance memory retention, improve reading ability, inspire confidence and even uncover hidden potential such as developing a photographic memory. The class is fun and children of all ages are able to benefit from Zhineng qigong. In fact, children who are exposed to qigong at a young age are able to easily pick up qigong and develop skills.

The regular practice of qigong provides people of all ages with the benefits of improved health and re-developing energy and strength. Children also get these basic benefits, but owing to their youth and greater potential, they can experience even greater positive effects.  Qigong can help children reach a higher level of intellectual and physical ability. Ovement, receive qigong healing and take part in qigong activities for children. Parents can learn how to help their children adjust their physical and mental condition.



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