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Laoshi H.B. Muralidhara started his own journey of Qigong–Taichi in 2004 to address his personal health issue.  He went to his good old martial teacher who taught him Qigong–Taichi. 



Cancerous tumour dissloved 
Qi Reactions

Zhineng Qigong self help does not have any side-effects. However, because Zhineng Qigong has very powerful healing effects, reactions occur more frequently than with other forms of healing. It is therefore especially important for Zhineng qigong practitioners to understand about reactions and know how to deal with them.

Reactions occur when sick Qi within the body begins to transform as part of the healing process, and impurities that have built up (often over a long time) are discharged.  While health can improve without one necessarily experiencing any reactions, most people do have some reactions at some point on their path to better health.

Because reactions are a manifestation of unhealthy or impure Qi being dispelled, once they have passed, practitioners find themselves at a higher level of health and wellbeing than before and at a higher level in their Qigong practice.


Lower part of the body


Common reactions are fever or flu-like symptoms, sweating, discharge from any part of the body, rashes, sores, nausea or vomiting, fecal mucus, fecal blood, murky urine, increase in menses, smelly menstrual discharge, and diarrhea.


Upper part of the body


Common reactions like cough, increase in saliva, vomiting, vomiting blood, nasal discharge, nose bleeding, increase in discharge from the eyes, cough and cold etc.


Lower part of the body


Common reactions from the excretory system like the body and limbs such as fever, perspiration, measles etc.


Reactions are not only of a physical nature, it is common to have emotional or mental reactions.


How to deal with reactions


Two things are very important when dealing with reactions.  One should try to stay calm and relaxed and to recognise them as a temporary phenomenon, and one should do as much Qigong practice as possible so as to clear the sick Qi from the body as rapidly as one can. A couple of exercises that are especially helpful are squats, stretching qi.

Reactions also occur amongst healthy practitioners as their Qigong level goes up, for impurities are discharged as they move to higher levels of practice and of health.



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