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Laoshi H.B. Muralidhara started his own journey of Qigong–Taichi in 2004 to address his personal health issue.  He went to his good old martial teacher who taught him Qigong–Taichi. 



Cancerous tumour dissloved 
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Dear Murali,

I just finished my Qi Gong for today, as the new moon is round the corner I decided to do it in the evening. I am ever grateful to the universe for making me meet you, and to you for making Qi Gong so beautiful. 

You have no idea the amount of positive difference Qi Gong has brought into my life..I have never been so happy and t peace,have never been so confident about what I'd like to do, my mind has never been so uncluttered ever.. I just have to want something and the opprtunities manifest miraculously, it's amazing how the universe responds..

What I feel right now is so overwhelmingly beautiful I could cry of joy.. Just wanted to share with you and decided drop an email...
Anusha Anand,
Bangalore, India
My Zhineng Qigong Journey:
It was not until January 2011, that I had any hopes of ever being free from rhinitis and sinusitis.  14 years of suffering had taken its toll and now was the time to say ‘No’  to steroids and other medicines.

I started my journey of Zhineng Qigong under constant care and supervision of Laoshi Murlidhara. Like some of the most humble practitioners in the world, he expected me to constantly practise without having any expectations of getting better.  After a year and a half of practising it, I still carry that motive in my practise. As a month of constant practice passed, I was able to cut down on almost all my medicines.  The shooting up of energy levels during the practise was truly an amazing experience.  It surely helped to improve my concentration in my academics.  Steroids had abused me mentally and I was a prey to mood swings, attention deficit and a low self esteem.  After overcoming physical issues, it was time to deal with my unstable and random nature of emotions.  It was extremely difficult for me to maintain focus while practising.  But I did not give up.  Gradually, disturbing thoughts started to dissolve. The Hun Yuan Entirety Theory by Dr. Pang is surely the most important aspect of Zhineng Qigong.  Till this day when I write my experiences about my Zhineng Qigong journey, it’s almost one and a half years now and I have not taken any form of medication. Taking my practise to the next level would be incorporating qigong in all day to day activities. I would like to thank my ‘Guru’,  Laoshi Murlidhara  for always being there and introducing me to Zhineng Qigong- the way of life. HYLT.
Rushabh Shiyani
(Rushabh is currently pursuing his graduation in Finance in one of the universities in U.K.  Just a few months ago he could not dream of staying in a cold country for two years for his studies, he cleared his class 11 and 12 together before leaving for U.K.  He was unable to appear for class 11 examination due to sinusitis)

My experience of Zhineng Qigong

I am Ms. Shraboni Maitra, 47 years old. I am a teacher by profession. I have been practicing Zhineng Qigong for nearly six months now.

I have some problems in both my kidneys with high blood pressure. I used to take 100 mg medicine in the morning and 100 mg medicine in the evening to control BP. I had problems with my legs as well. I used to get pain and swelling in my heels.

Nearly a week or so after learning Zhineng Qigong from Internationally trained teacher Laoshi Muralidhara, I started to feel nice in my mind and my energy level went up. So, I got interested and decided to practice every day. Initially, it was very hard to visualize Qi as a technique at the time of my practice. But I was determined to continue my practice.

Now, I do not have any leg pain and swelling in the heel has gone. I wake up at 4.30 am and practice Zhineng Qigong. My school starts at 7.30 am and generally I come back home at 3.30 pm. Now, I do not feel any tiredness in school hours and even afte school hoursr. After coming back home, I go for a walk. Previously, I used to feel so tired and irritated that I did not want to talk to any one at home. Now, my energy level has risen and I do not get irritated easily. My family members also noticed the changes and encouraged me to practice Zhineng Qigong every day.

Now, I know that I am fit enough and I am very happy in my mind. One thing I noticed is that I do not get tensed easily nowadays.

I am grateful to Zhineng Qigong and to my teacher who taught me Zhineng Qigong with great patience. It is an ancient chinese internal art of detoxing mind-body-spirit.

In a way, I am very lucky.
One good news is that my blood pressure is low now and my doctor has reduced the dose.

Thank you Zhineng Qigong!


Ms. Shraboni Maitra

When I did not know Zhineng Qigong and we were told that we would be practicing it daily in the school, I used to think of it as another bloody crap to discriminate normal children from not so normal children.  But after diligent practice, I know for sure that it is very powerful in getting our concentration and energy back in balance.  I used to be short tempered…but it is changing now.  I feel calmer.
Nishad Nadkarni
GEA School student,
Bombay, India
Zhineng Qigong has given me a new angle to my life.  I did not know anything about it  and …not even heard of it before.  I used to be very short tempered and very negative and anxiety ridden.  After a month’s practice, I have improved my ability to think positively.  I can sleep better and be polite to people.
Ajay Rathi
GEA School student,
Bombay, India
Earlier I used to take time to do my mathematics sum.  But suddenly, I have realized that math sums have become easier and faster.  My ability to do home work as well as my concentration have improved.  Thanks to Sir and Zhineng Qigong for helping me.
Antara Ganesh
GEA School student,
Bombay, India
When I stand in 3 centres merge standing meditation, I feel golden light pouring into my body especially the lower abdomen and a deep sense of energy all over me.  My maths has improved tremendously especially my tables.
Siddharth Dixit
GEA School student,
Bombay, India
I am practicing every day now, sometimes 2 or 3 times as also working at the wall squats....  The classes I run involve (as you know) other varieties of Qigong, but my personal practice is now mostly Zhineng.  I am loving it.  It seems that Zhineng is a natural progression.  Today I felt my whole body open up and become the universe, so much light pouring in, blue and gold pulsing and suns forming in the 3 centres.  Beautiful.  Also a very stable deep sense of peace, even temper, confidence in my role as a server of the universe.  Also, very quickly I gave up eating meat and felt that nature embraced me.  I am in love!  Thank you for introducing me to Zhineng.   I hope to teach this Qigong one day.  I have spoken to my students and had them do the first few moves with the visualisations and they are very eager to learn more- very impressed.
Maxine Gardner
Taichi teacher, Australia


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