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Laoshi H.B. Muralidhara started his own journey of Qigong–Taichi in 2004 to address his personal health issue.  He went to his good old martial teacher who taught him Qigong–Taichi. 



Cancerous tumour dissloved 
Workshop / Retreat
The retreat was held in Kundapura by the side of pristine Arabian sea on the west coast of India very close to Goa.  It was attended by participants from Australia, India and Germany to learn Level-1 of Zhineng Qigong.  Mela Joy from Australia played a key role in taking the initiative to make it happen.   Besides learning the ancient chinese internal art, the uniqueness of the retreat was set in multiple and breath taking locales on the western ever green forest area of south India with pleasant weather conditions, delicious and safe food and comfortable accomodation. 
  Congratulatory Messages
  Dear Murali,

Thank you for including me in your mail.  Your retreat sounds exactly as I felt it would be – Amazing!!    I would have loved to have been there.  Well done!!   May this be the beginning of many successful retreats in your wonderful country!!
I have been having regular sessions with Laoshi Ooi Kean Hin, on skype - 3 so far and have improved well.   Have had some strong qi reactions and feel very encouraged.    He is a remarkable healer and teacher.  Keep up the good work.  HYLT!!

Very best wishes,
Dr. Laura Nordling
South Africa
  Dear Murali,
Thank you so much for sharing your excitement and unforgettable experiences from the Zhineng Qigong retreat! I wish so much I could have been a part of it, being at the special sites, absorbing qi and enjoying the laughter of friends, learning Qigong from you.  Nature is the ultimate healer, if we could just stay open and allow the energy inside. Please send some photos when you have the time and congratulation on your successful and fulfilling workshop. You're such a great inspiration to me. I hope to meet you in person some time very soon although it already seems we're old friends.
Much love, 
Laoshi Marieta, U.S.A
  Hi My Friend,
Its so wonderful to hear from you and, Gosh!!  Its just fantastic to hear that you had such a good international response for your recent retreat.  Hope you keep up the great work of spreading the wings of Zhineng Qigong further.  We are so proud that you even placed a special mention of our small contribution, if any, to your current success story.
Hun Yuan Ling Tong
Xin Xiang Shi Cheng
Laoshi Wong Chi Ming,
MY Zhineng Qigong, Malaysia
  Hi Murali,
I feel your pleasure in sharing the qi field with your students and the energy is strong.  Do keep up the great work and we will support you with Qi-filled wishes and for you to continue your practices with the international community.
Hun Yuan Ling Tong,
Gina, Malaysia
  Dear Murali,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with me.

I just come back from a lesson at the TCM School in Holland.  Since September I also teach at a TCM-school in Germany and in both countries people love the work with ZQ.  Sending you much love and peace from the Netherlands

Hun Yuan Ling Tong,
Laoshi Anne, Holland
  "Congratulation! Murali."
Laoshi Karen Choo, Malaysia
  Dear Murali
Fantastic to hear of your great experience in leading the international gp and the happiness they get from the interaction. I hope you will continue the good work of spreading the Zhineng Qigong.  One day I hope to be with your future group gathering to share experiences, at the same time revisit India and sample more exotic India food apart from the northern food in Shimla and Manali or Delhi.  So bravo and also hope to see you in Taishan, in the province of Shangtong, the home of the great scholar, Confucius in the month of March 2011.
Laoshi Chia, Malaysia
  Dear Murali
  I am happy to know that your course went off well.  It is time people learnt more of alternative Healing systems.
Warm regards,
Laoshi K.V. Subramanyan, India
  Hey Murali :)
  I thoroughly enjoyed reading your lovely descriptions!  I was told that you all had a wonderful time!  Hope all else is good !
Areen, Bombay, India
  Zhineng Qigong Course for Children

The first of its kind course engaging the ancient Chinese self healing meditative art called Zhineng Qigong for children of Gundecha Education Academy, Mumbai was held on 29th August 2009 with 17 children aged between 11 and 15 from a cross section.  Zhineng Qigong has a special emphasis on naturally enhancing children’s intelligence.   When the cognitive abilities in children has developed or developing, ZQ plays a vital role in giving it the much needed boost in terms of holistically enhancing intelligence for the overall development of the child.  We are all equally born intelligent but the surfacing of the inner potential is not so equal in all of us..  Zhineng Qigong gives them the level playing ground. This has been tested, tried, proved and documented in a number of schools and colleges in China over a period of time.

Children pre-chosen by the school counseling department were handed over to me with the parental consent.  There was only one girl in the whole group.  I addressed a combined gathering of children, parents and teachers before the course was formally put into practice.  The children with varied degrees of learning issues with abnormal to acute concentration problem had been put into one single group without any discrimination to experience 36 days of Zhineng Qigong journey through trials and tribulations.  Initially, the counselor had to be present in the course room to streamline students.  Most children had difficulty in getting used to certain aches and pains in the unused muscular areas before becoming adept at the sequential modality.  It took them 15 days of an hour and a half daily to become familiar with the sequence of body movements and mental visualization.  Out of 17 children, 10 held on, while the rest dropped out after two weeks, either unable to cope with the pressure or due to monotony of the modality or both.  The remaining ones, continued for another two weeks to be able to do all the units of level 1.  Before the end of the course, the children had also taken part in one of the city’s well known cultural festivals called ‘Bandra Cultural Festival’ to show case Zhineng Qigong.  Parents and children who attended the closing day of the course were insistent on continuing the course.  Some of their testimonials can be found in Testimonial page of the website.




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